What To Do



In Thassos, there are many mountainous paths ideal for hiking that lead you from village to village. Discover immense valleys, mountainous paradises, unique flora and fauna, stone bridges, while walking through leafy forests alongside running waters. The route to some points is demanding, but the view from above and the peaceful landscapes are extremely rewarding. Do not forget to equip yourself with water.


Whether you are a cycling-race lover or want to explore the beauties of the island, Thassos is here to offer you a unique experience. If you love mountain biking, the paths through verdant paradises will make you feel free and peaceful. If you prefer a more relaxing route, cycling on ring road of Thassos will fascinate you as you will have the chance to enjoy the endless blue of the Aegean and relax in the stone-built kiosks along the road. Every year, two cycling races are conducted on the island, the one around the island on the road network and the other on the mountains of Thassos.

Road trips

With 95 km of road network around the island and the endless Aegean Sea in front of you, you will have the opportunity to organize a unique road trip with your friends and family. You will be fascinated by the idyllic blue of the sea during the day or by the enchanting sunsets. The ring road of the island has kiosks where you can lay over and enjoy the peaceful nature pictures. You will find many car rental services throughout the island to choose the vehicle that suits you.

Boat trips

Experience the island of Thassos and its beautiful beaches from another perspective. Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the coast with the boat, visit beaches that are not accessible by car and swim in crystal clear waters. In Thassos, you will find various traveling boats, either traditional wooden boats or modern yachts. Choose the travel package that suits your preferences and experience unforgettable moments.


If you love watersports, then Thassos can offer you the adventure you are looking for. Water skiing, diving, jet skiing, kayaking, banana, ringo, sailing, rowing and parasailing are the watersports that you can do on our island.

Customs & Events



The residents of Thassos preserve their cultural heritage. The occupation of locals with fishing, agriculture, beekeeping, theater, arts and traditional dances was and continues to be a source of inspiration for events and festivals. The frequent events held by cultural organizations as well as the active participation of the residents contribute to successful cultural events that aim at the preservation of the traditions, the entertainment of the attendees and at the same time allow visitors to feel like locals.



Greece is not only synonymous with sun and sea. Greece preserves a long gastronomic tradition that will surely take you to a unique journey of flavors. The lush vegetation and clear waters of Thassos offer you a treasure of fresh ingredients which are cooked by traditional taverns and give you the opportunity to enjoy natural flavors and unparalleled aromas.


Various marine species are fished by locals in the rich seabed of Thassos. Retaining unspoiled the aromas of the sea, they are distributed in the local taverns and are cooked with fresh ingredients, offering you unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

We recommend you try mussels with ouzo or tsipouro in a seaside tavern!

Halva Kallirachis

Halva Kallirachis (or Halva with the key) is a traditional dessert that you will find only in Kallirachi of Thassos. It contains flour, Thassian olive oil and honey. Honey is boiled with sugar creating a hot syrup that is absorbed by the baked dough. Locals spread the dough evenly on a baking dish and cut it into rhombus pieces. For the dough to absorb the syrup, locals create a hole in the center of each piece, using the edge of a key. Thus, the name of halva originates from the key used to create the holes. You can buy halva from all the bakeries of Kallirachi and Skala Kallirachi.

Spoon sweets

Spoon sweet is a Greek traditional sweet and was created thousands of years ago. Each housewife had a vase of spoon sweet in her house and treated her guests to that dessert together with coffee and cool water. It is a habit that still continues to be faithfully preserved by new generations. Spoon sweets are made using as basic ingredient a kind of fruit, such us fig, orange, quince, lemon, tomato, watermelon. Although spoon sweets are produced in many regions of Greece, those that are made in Thassos have a unique and pure taste, since they contain traditional Thassian honey.